Fertilization Pros

Professional fertilization can make a major difference in the health and appearance of your lawn. Improper fertilization, however, can damage your lawn. Selecting the fertilizer your lawn needs as well as applying evenly in the correct amount can be difficult for non-professionals. Let Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care nurture your lawn and see it's full potential.

Fertilization Services Available In:

  • Grundy Center
  • Waterloo
  • Cedar Falls
  • Marshalltown
  • Surrounding Areas

Why Fertilize?

Fertilizers increase the quality of your soil. Over time the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy lawn are lost. If you want a lush, green lawn, you have to replace them.

Why Choose Us?

Our trained fertilizer applicators are state licensed. They know exactly which fertilizer is going to work best for your lawn and how much of it your lawn needs.

High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas in your yard can be extremely difficult to grow grass in. Let us give your lawn a fighting chance with the proper fertilizer, or let us build you a walkway.

Food For Your Lawn

Your lawn needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow healthy and lush. Fertilizers contain the perfect balance of all three.

Slow and Quick Release

We have the perfect quick release fertilizer for new grass to give it a head start and ideal slow release for established lawns. 

Get a Professional

While it may seem easy to fertilize your own lawn, it comes with a risk. Improper application of fertilizer can lead to burning and damage.

Trust the professionals

A beautiful lawn is just a click away, don't risk causing undue damage to your lawn, let us properly fertilize and care for your grass.

Fertilization is a Must

If You Want a Professional Looking Lawn

You can have the best lawn care services in the world, but no amount of mowing, edging, or trimming is going to fix a drab, brown lawn. Fertilizing your grass provides it with the nutrients it needs to flourish. Let the experts at Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care give your lawn everything it needs to thrive.

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