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Landscaping & Lawn Care in Marshalltown, Iowa

Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care provides a large range of services developed to turn your lawn into the lawn of your dreams. Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Hardscaping services are bound to impress not only yourself, but neighbors and potential customers alike.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Marshalltown Lawn Care

If you are looking for a beautiful, professionally cut lawn, look no further then Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care. Our experienced staff can provide phenomenal lawn care services on any size lawn, both residential and commercial. If you are ready to take the next step towards having the lawn of your dreams, Contact Us.


Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care can provide you with the landscape of your dreams. Nothing attracts customers quite like an amazing display of flowers and other vegetation. Let us help you beautify your Marshalltown business. We also offer residential landscaping services from something simple to the more elegant.


The first step in creating a healthy lawn is proper fertilization. Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care's trained applicators have the experience and knowledge to choose the right fertilizer for your Marshalltown lawn. We choose a fertilizer with the right balance of nutrients to give your grass the boost it needs.


Hardscaping projects are the outdoor projects on your property involving non-living materials, such as wood and stone. Our professionals are well practiced in creating stunning, yet functional patios, walkways, retaining walls, and more for your Marshalltown home or business. Choose Frontier and see for yourself how effective we can be.

Weed Control

Weed Control is incredibly important when it comes to the health of your lawn. Weeds use up valuable nutrients that your grass needs to survive. Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care has a long history of combating our Marshalltown customers weed problems. Frontier has you covered.

Snow Removal

Iowa winters can be snowy, and unpredictable. Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care, however, are very predictable. Our staff knows that snow can be a serious issue when it comes to your business. Give us a call, and soon your Marshalltown parking lot will be full of cars and not snow.

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